Program Overviews


Protect and improve the overall health of Utah’s vulnerable populations by improving access to culturally informed quality services to prevent and treat communicable diseases, resulting in decreased health disparities and increased health equity. 

Areas of Focus

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Program Staff

HIV and STD Prevention and Surveillance

Tyler Fisher Program Manager 801-538-6353
Heather Bush HIV Team Manager 801-538-6194
Megan Evans STD Prevention and Surveillance Team Lead 801-538-6233
Ana Vazquez Billing Specialist 801-538-6124
Kim Farley HIV Prevention Specialist 801-538-6287
Luke Edvalson HIV Epidemiologist 801-538-9102
Nikki Baer STD/HIV Prevention Specialist 801-538-6174
Julie Dole STD Trainer 801-538-6238
Scott Steiner STD Epidemiologist 801-538-6236
Sydney Bowen SSP and GTZ Evaluator 801-538-9906
Lawanda Esquibel Harm Reduction Specialist 801-538-6199

Ryan White Part B

Tyler Fisher Program Manager 801-538-6353
Allison Allred ADAP Administrator 801-538-6311
Becky Tyler ClientTrack Specialist 801-538-6061
Julie Johnston Client Eligibility Specialist 801-538-6193
Marcee Mortensen Quality Coordinator 801-538-6042
Marcia Black ADAP Specialist 801-538-6266
Misty Thompson Case Management Specialist 385-282-8440
Seyha Ros Ryan White Part B Administrator 801-538-6135
Summer Bammes ClientTrack Administrator 801 538-6217
Tasha Brooks Client Eligibility Specialist 801-538-6208
Vinnie Watkins Senior RN Quality Consultant 801-538-6151

Refugee Health and Tuberculosis

Hayder Allkhenfr Program Manager 385-259-5204
Danielle Rodriguez Refugee Health Promotion Coordinator 801-538-6834
Sarah Bates Refugee Health Screening Specialist 801-538-9310
Taylor Morsillo Refugee Wellness Specialist 412-559-1852
Karla Jenkins TB Nurse Consultant 801-538-6224
Marsha Latham Office Specialist 801-538-6279
Rachel Ashby Refugee Health/TB Epidemiologist 801-538-9315