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Refugee Health

The goal of the Refugee Health team is to foster community health partnerships with those serving refugee populations through culturally appropriate health screening, education and referrals. By coordinating activities between local providers, resettlement agencies, local health departments, DWS, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ORR, the Refugee Health team coordinates and promotes health programs and services that facilitate successful and healthy integration in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner.

Services and funding provided by the team focus on five priority areas:

  1. Health screening
  2. Care coordination
  3. Mental health
  4. Health promotion
  5. TB control
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The TB Prevention team in partnership with local health departments (LHDs) and health care providers is responsible for the implementation of the Utah Administrative Code Communicable Disease Rule (R388-804), which outlines a multidisciplinary approach to communicable and infectious disease control. The team actively seeks to prevent, control and eliminate TB in Utah by fostering community health partnerships with those who serve high risk populations through culturally appropriate identification, evaluation, treatment and education. The teams works closely with local health partners throughout the twelve health districts to provide resources and expertise to ensure that active TB cases are treated to completion.

TB prevention and elimination efforts in Utah consist of:

  1. case detection and management
  2. surveillance and reporting
  3. contact investigation
  4. timely evaluation of refugees and immigrants
  5. annual program evaluation project
  6. human resource development