Prevention. Treatment. Care.

Utah's Public Health Initiatives

Housed in the Division of Disease Control and Prevention (DCP) the Bureau of Epidemiology (BOE) multiple programs seek to protect and improve the overall health of Utah’s vulnerable populations by improving access to culturally informed quality services to prevent and treat communicable diseases, resulting in decreased health disparities and increased health equity.

Program Overviews

HIV Prevention

Implementing prevention strategies among individuals most at risk for HIV infection.

STD Prevention

Ensuring all individuals have the information they need to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their own sexual health.


Prevent, control and eliminate TB in Utah by fostering community health partnerships with those who serve high risk populations.

Ryan White Part B

Providing an effective and cost-efficient system for the delivery of essential services to individuals and families affected by HIV disease.

Refugee Health

Facilitating culturally sensitive health screening, health care coordination and education for Utah’s refugee communities.

Syringe Services

Providing clean syringes and substance abuse treatment referrals, HIV/HCV testing, etc. free of charge to help reduce the harms associated with drug use.

COVID-19 and HIV

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staying physically and mentally healthy is more important than ever. For information on how COVID-19 affects people living with HIV and people at increased risk for HIV visit